Sunday, February 10, 2013

Collectibles of Tomorrow!

So many things become collectible so fast that it's kind of hard to pin point what the new hip thing is going to be.  Well I'll let you in on a secret.  From watching trailers from some of the most anticipated movies coming out in the next year or two I have an answer.


                                  KAIJU! (giant monsters)

I know what you're thinking, "But Harley, aren't kaiju already popular?"

Yes indeed they are, especially our big green pal Godzilla, but kaiju films, toys, books, ect. are more of an esoteric genre than superheroes or vampires.  If you ask a random person on the sidewalk what a kaiju is, they would just stare blankly into the distance waiting for you to leave.

That's right kiddies KAIJU are coming to the mainstream thanks to our pal Guillermo Del Toro.  He is directing a neat little film called Pacific Rim.  The film is about giant robots vs. KAIJU!  This movie is going to make KAIJU a household name in the United States.

Oh man I can't wait for this movie.  It's something that I've been waiting for since I was 5 and I watched my first Godzilla film.  After this movie sky rockets KAIJU into the mainstream, we only have a year to wait until we get a Hollywood reboot of The King of Monsters Godzilla.  KAIJU are going to be all over the airwaves and all over the book scene.  We will get even better toys than what we're getting now.  I for one can't wait!  

So go and grab up all the KAIJU collectibles you can right now while they are cheap, because the price will skyrocket come this summer after Pacific Rim punches you in the face and unleashes your love for KAIJU!

I love everything KAIJU and I hope you do too.

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