Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cobra Civil War

Thursday January 11, Cobra entered a civil war.  The IDW comic book title G.I. Joe started a year long story arc entitled The Cobra Civil War spreading across three different titles. The titles are G.I. Joe, Cobra, and G.I. Joe: Snake eyes. Each title tells the story of the civil war through the different factions eyes and how they cope with it. It was kicked off by the murder of Cobra Commander by an unknown assassin causing the Cobra Army to break into chaos. With the death of CC the army has no leadership and are without a true leader. The Cobra hierarchy came up with a way to decide who will become the new commander by having a destruction contest. The person who does the most damage to the G.I. Joe team becomes the new leader.
The contestants are: The Baroness, Krake, Major Bludd, Khalikhan, Oda Satori, Tomax, and Dr. Vargas, each bringing their own style of destruction. Most just kill as many Joes as possible, while others try to do interior damage by hurting the good name of the team itself. Many Fans of the Original G.I. Joe comic series which ended in 1994 are thrilled to see the new publishers take on their old favorite. "I love that IDW is taking G.I. Joe in a new direction by actually killing off popular characters." said Shawn Aubrey. "I like my stories dark and brutal." IDW is changing the way fans enjoy their favorite anti terrorist organization by death, betrayal, and execution. The original series was intended mainly for a child audience and contained very little death of characters. Fans love that G.I. Joe is back in comic format after the hiatus it recently had. The original series ended in the mid nighties followed by a relaunch in the early 2000s and ran for a good seven years. The new series picked up in 2008 and was a complete reboot of the property. "I am very happy to see G.I. Joe as a comic book again, I've collected them since i was around 7 years old and i hope to keep collecting them until i am 70." said Jon Rocca about his heroes.
Here is a link to the scoreboard for the candidates for Cobra Commander .

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