Monday, November 7, 2011

Missiles and Machetes

Here are the two newest additions to my Joe verse.  Mr missile is Fast Draw a mobile missile specialist and wannabe gunslinger.  He is carrying the new FAFNIR missile system and wears a protective body suit.  He has to be one of my all time favorite characters/figures.  His accessories are some of the toy lines best.  Thankfully he has a visor on his helmet to cover his ugly mug.

The man in the green hat on the right is Muskrat.  He is the G.I. Joe's resident swamp fighter.  He comes with a light blue machete and an awesome shotgun to keep those alligators and snapping turtles at bay.  Muskrat has been a favorite of mine since i first owned his 1993 Battle Corps figure.  Little did I know that this figure is even better than the later version.  His dark swamp green army fatigues are terrific camoflague for his specialty.  No Cobra's will be able to sneak up on old Nutria er... I mean Muskrat.

Two great additions, more to come!

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