Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Battle Wagon

Feast your eyes on this marvelous piece of plastic that is the 1991 G.I. Joe Battle Wagon.  It is a terrific vehicle one of my all time favorites.  There are two aspects to the Battle Wagon that make it stand out above other similar vehicles.  1. It's battery operated and will roll over just about anything you put in its path. 2. the missiles fire Gatling gun style via a small black button on the turret.  The turret is the best part of the vehicle it's so fun to shoot not only cobras but your cat!  It can hold up to a total of 10 figures when fully loaded and doesn't look goofy.
Another awesome perk that this beast has is the tow rope on the front bumper.  Hook to a Vamp stuck in the mud and pull it to safety, or just hook up your resident mountaineer and throw him off the edge of a cliff.
This vehicle is so high tech that there are two drivers seats!  One for the driver and one for the uhh navigator?  And a there's a sweet non-bulletproof canopy to guard the precious drivers.
Did I mention it's high tech?  Well it is and has an extensive computer system in the back!  That's right, now if the Battle Wagon is broke down in the middle of the desert just get on the super fast awesome computers and contact HQ to come get you, or get the layout of the area your in and ambush those nasty Cobra's. Oh yea the computers are so high tech and powerful they are located right under the turret.
This is the Battle Wagon one of the greatest vehicles in the entire Joeverse.  I love mine, and it will be the Joe's primary vehicle until it deteriorates and crumbles to dust.

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