Sunday, February 26, 2012

Where are they now?

Sadly I missed the 2nd assignment for the League of Extraordinary Bloggers, so my second submission will be the Where are they now? topic

It was tough to pick a group of youngsters for this topic, but I finally chose the show that kept coming back in my ideas.  That show is Hey Arnold!

After graduating high school Arnold received a scholarship to Princeton where
he studied civil engineering.  He graduated with his bachelors degree and now resides in Seattle Washington where he works for a new up and coming company that builds bridges.

Gerald became an all American basketball player in high school, but due to an
ankle snap at the end of his senior year his dreams were dashed.  He attended
the local state college and obtained his degree in physical education and now
teaches basketball at his old school.

Helga started working for her father at his electronics store Big Bob's Beepers
when she started high school.  At first she hated being around her father
for extended periods of time, but realized he had a lot to offer in the way
of running a business.  When Big Bob finally retired he handed the store over the
store to his daughter.  She renamed it to Helga's Electronics, and has 3 stores throughout the city, with plans of expansion.

The Marines were Harold's first choice after school.  He served bravely and gallantly as a corporal for 3 years before he was shot and killed during a heavy firefight.

School didn't come well to Stinky, he constantly struggled with it.  During his sophomore year his father passed away and Stinky just gave up.  2 weeks after his father passed he disappeared.  The last anyone has heard from him he was living in Florida as a pest control man.

Phoebe graduated valedictorian of her class and went to study abroad.  She became enamored with European culture and decided to stay.  She now lives in Rome teaching English to Italians.

Sid found his love of journalism early in life.  He became editor of his school paper his first year of high school.  He started working for the local paper right after school and quickly climbed up the ladder.  He is now the lead copy editor and still climbing.

I love Hey Arnold.  One of the best cartoons of the 90's.  Maybe sometime in the future I will do Eugene, Rhonda, and the rest.

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