Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hardhats & Robots

   These are the two newest additions to my Joeverse.  Everybody welcome Tollbooth.  Tollbooth is the Joe's no nonsense engineer.  He was originally released in 1985 with a pretty cool vehicle called the Bridge Layer.  He was the last Joe offered in the old style swivel heads.  He's a pretty damn good looking figure too.  Look at that hard hat leaning slightly to the side.  His sledge hammer is possibly one of the greatest Joe accessories ever!  Just imagine getting slugged in the gut with that thing.  Tollbooth must get a crazy workout swinging that thing around all the time.

Next we have one of the Joe's explosives experts Lightfoot.  Lightfoot was originally released in 1988 part of the 7th series.  He looks like he's wearing yellow coveralls with a  blue helmet with red eyes and crazy antennas for what, I'm not sure, but damn does it make him look cool.  He comes with a dark green backpack and a really awesome orange ROBOT!  Sure it's for bomb detecting and disposal, but it's still a ROBOT!  This accessory goes right up there with Tollbooths sledge hammer as one of the coolest accessories of all time.
So there you have it, the two newest additions to my Joeverse Tollbooth and Lightfoot.  I'm glad i picked these two guys up.  They are great additions and two of the coolest Joes around, not to mention the terrific accessories.

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