Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Very Merry Christmas Haul!

We all have great Christmas memories, some better than others,  Most of mine involve getting new awesome toys.  When i say new awesome toys I really mean new awesome G.I. Joes!  One such memory was opening a brand new Salvo, Bullhorn, and Metal Head when I was 5.  The memories don't stop there.  The most recent memory of Joes on Christmas was 2 days ago when I opened up a vintage Wolverine with Covergirl.  I was so excited.  I didn't own many vehicles when i was younger and the Wolverine came out before I was born, so this is my first one ever.  I was so excited, my inner child started taking over.  I stopped opening my gifts politely and started ripping them open instead.  Among the fury I opened even more Joes!  A straight arm Stalker and Scarlett, Doc the teams original medic, Psyche-out the teams psychologist and psionic weapons expert,  Backstop the teams sole Canadian, and Skidmark the man who has the worst code name in the history of code names, all complete with filecards.  I knew my girlfriend was very supportive of my collecting but I never guessed she would go out of her way to get me some of the hardest to find Joes around.  It was a very merry Christmas at the Jackson's this year.

                                                              YO JOE!

Left to Right: Covergirl,Doc,Scarlett,Stalker,Skidmark,Psyche-out, and Backstop

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