Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ghostrider in the sky!

Finally, I can say i have acquired one of my many holy grails.  Thanks to my first ever Joe Craigslist score I am now the proud owner of  the G.I. Joe Phantom X-19 Stealth Fighter.   The greatest of all the Joe aircraft.  It is 100% complete and in C9 condition.  Ghostrider just sweetened the deal, great figure sculpt.  Unfortunately he didn't have his red scarf, but it can easily be reproduced.  So behold the power of the Phantom.

Here we have ole' whatshisname sitting upon his beloved Phantom.
Nice view of the stealth  fighter from the front.
Look out Wild Weasel, Ghostrider's coming for ya.


  1. Freakin awesome! Eat your heart out, Skystriker.

  2. Quite possibly the greatest aircraft from any toy line!