Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The story of the Usagi Doll

Recently I attended the Stumptown Comicfest in Portland OR.  There I had the privilege to meet my favorite author/artist of all time STAN SAKAI.  I'm not really big on getting autographs or meeting celebrities, but I wasn't gunna miss a chance to meet the nicest guys in comics these days.

In case you guys don't know who Stan Sakai is, he is the writer/artist of the greatest comic in the known world  Usagi Yojimbo.  Usagi Yjimbo is the tale of a lone wandering samurai name Miyamoto Usagi  who ventures through feudal Japan.  Did I mention he's a rabbit?  Yea that's a right, a Rabbit.  I'm such a sucker for anthropomorphic animals.  Usagi Yojimbo has supplied me with hours upon hours of enjoyment and happiness, so when i had the chance to meet the writer of this masterpiece I was first in line.  Literally, I was the first fan there on opening day to greet him.  Being the fanboy that I am,  of course I had to out do all the other geeks there by giving him a present for creating my favorite hero.  The gift came from the creative mind of my girlfriend Makayla.  She is a master at the art of Nerdigurumi.  We came up with the idea of crocheting him a little Usagi doll, and boy did he love it!  We watched him play with it even after we recieved our autographs and moved on.  I was so proud to have given him so much joy after the endless amount of joy he has given me.  I really hope he placed it on his mantel or on his drawing table, but more than likely he threw it in a box somewhere never to be seen again, but I can hope.

Behold the greatest Usagi Doll in all the land. 


  1. Thats awesome ! I met him in 1999 and he drew me a quick sketch on a comic book backboard.

  2. freaking sweet as hell...I've been trying to track down the 2004 version for a while... by any chance did you get your hands on the limited statue? It's amazing.

  3. I got the statue of young Usagi riding on Katsuichi's shoulders, it's very cool.

  4. I got the watch and a t-shirt and many issues, he autographed all the books I bought through Heritage Books - and calendars etc etc. I like the reality of the costumes among other things