Sunday, March 4, 2012


The Finals are finally here.  The end to the ultimate tournament.  Now we will see who the ultimate bad ass truly  is.

John McClane Vs. Indiana Jones

All of John McClane's guns are empty.  He has nothing left but his fists.  Indy has one shot left in his revolver.  Indy fires while John drops to his right into a summersault.  When he gets to his haunches he spots it.  The one weapon that can destroy Dr. Jones. A snake slithering through the rubble.  McClane snatches it with mongoose like speeds and hurls it at Indiana.  Indiana falls to the ground vigorously trying to swat the serpent away.  While he is distracted John McClane picks up Indy's Whip and wraps it tightly around the good Dr's exposed neck.  Indiana Jones struggles to free himself while his life slowly slips away.  After his eyes cloud over and his arms drop to his sides McClane lets him drop lifeless to the ground.  He stands up and smiles out of the side of his mouth, " I just whipped your ass buddy."

Well that's it folks.  John McClane is your champion.  It was a close battle but he used his opponents weakness to his advantage and achieved victory.  To see more of John McClane's exploits check out the Die Hard series.

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