Saturday, March 3, 2012

Semi Finals!

Here are the spectacular semi-finals.

John McClane vs Snake Pliskin

While Snake is silently stalking the streets for his prey, John is secretly hiding on top of a 20 story building.  He reaches for the nearest fire hose, grabs hold of it tightly and jumps over the edge all while riddling Snake with bullets.  Sorry Snake you made it far but just couldn't hack it.

Indiana Jones Vs. Ash

Ash extends his chainsaw arm and lunges at the archeologist.  Indy narrowly avoids the slicing power of the horrible machine.  He dives to his right while unleashing his heroic whip wrapping it around Ash's arm.  Dr. Jones pulls violently on his whip, forcing the chainsaw upon  Ash's unprotected torso slicing through his ribs and lungs dropping him to the ground senselessly gasping for the air he will never receive.

Winner Indiana Jones


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