Saturday, March 3, 2012

Round 2 fight!

You asked for it so here it is Round 2 of the ultimate bad ass competitions


Rambo Vs John McClane

Very tough, I can't imagine them ever fighting.  They should join forces and conquer the world!  But for the sake of of the league I will have to choose 1 and that 1 is.... John McClane.  He falls into Rambo's bamboo traps bare feet first then hops out and head butts Rambo into the propeller of a Huey waiting to pick up Rambo's lifeless body.

Winner: John McClane

 Col. Braddock Vs. Snake Pliskin

Snake Pliskin peels the bomb from his neck and shoves it up Braddock's ass.

Winner: Pliskin

James Bond Vs. Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones whips Bond's gun from his hand then chops his head off with his machete.  He then precedes to seduce Miss. Moneypenny on Mr. Bonds desk.  M also joins in.

Riggs Vs. Ash

During this incredible fight a horde of ferorcious zombies storm into the ring and take out Rigg's back up Murdough.  With his best friend turned to lunch meat Riggs goes into a crazy frenzy and lunges for Ash just to step right into his chainsaw arm ripping out all his organs in a bloody mass of ooze.

Winner Ash

Up Next the FINALS!

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